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Sarah Federman is an author, educator, and conflict resolution practitioner who unites business savvy with peacebuilding wisdom. She spent a decade as an international executive working with clients such as Google and the Discovery Channel. A job transfer moved her from Manhattan to Paris where she stumbled up her own name on a Holocaust memorial wall. This moment prompted her to turn her attention to helping people trapped in seemingly insurmountable conflicts and those seeking ways forward after mass atrocity. To this end, she completed a doctorate and extensive training in conflict resolution. She is now an Assistant Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management at the University of Baltimore and a Fulbright Peace & Conflict Resolution Specialist. She works in French and English.

My work engages various approaches to large group protracted conflict, especially at the intersection of business and human rights.


Latest Book Release –
Last Train to Auschwitz

“An excellent, well-written, original contribution to a growing field of business and human rights. Last Train to Auschwitz engagingly weaves together victims’ narratives and historical and legal archives to provide a compelling contribution to the study of corporate accountability and transitional justice.”
— Leigh Payne, University of Oxford

to Conflict Resolution

Discourses and Dynamics
Edited by Sara Cobb, Sarah Federman and Alison Castel

By comprehensively tracing developments in conflict resolution theory, this book provides readers with the necessary tools to look at conflict through a variety of lenses. By encouraging readers to critically engage with conflict through various perspectives, Introduction to Conflict Resolution will undoubtedly contribute to the next generation of reflective, responsible, and well-rounded conflict resolution students, scholars, and practitioners..
Brian A. Kritz, Associate Director of the M.A. Program in Conflict Resolution, Georgetown University

This book is spectacular – and should be required in conflict resolution across the globe! The editors take us on a fascinating intellectual journey through the evolving field of conflict resolution, highlighting major theoretical contributions and contextualizing each within the broader sociopolitical discourse of its time. We come to see these theories as emergent within the fabric of specific historical eras and, as such, we gain a new perspective from which to understand, appreciate, and critique them. In fact, the editors infuse each major theorist’s perspective with their own thoughtful– and at times provocative—insights, turning this book into a living, breathing intellectual conversation that may just be the kind of discourse our world needs right now to embolden a greater peace.
Daniel L. Shapiro, Founder and Director, Harvard International Negotiation Program

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University Education

  • George Mason University, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, PhD Presidential Scholar
  • American University of Paris, MA International Affairs
  • The University of Pennsylvania, BA Intellectual History (Summa Cum Laude)
  • Harvard University, Key Executive Training
  • Middlebury College, Masters French Immersion

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