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Last Train to Auschwitz

“An excellent, well-written, original contribution to a growing field of business and human rights. Last Train to Auschwitz engagingly weaves together victims’ narratives and historical and legal archives to provide a compelling contribution to the study of corporate accountability and transitional justice.”
—Leigh Payne, University of Oxford

Introduction to Conflict Resolution

“By comprehensively tracing developments in conflict resolution theory, this book provides readers with the necessary tools to look at conflict through a variety of lenses. By encouraging readers to critically engage with conflict through various perspectives, Introduction to Conflict Resolution will undoubtedly contribute to the next generation of reflective, responsible, and well-rounded conflict resolution students, scholars, and practitioners.”
— Brian A. Kritz, Associate Director of the M.A. Program in Conflict Resolution, Georgetown University

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Order Online

Narratives of Mass Atrocity: Victims and Perpetrators in the Aftermath

eds. Sarah Federman and
Ronald Niezen, Cambridge University Press.

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